For Patients

If you are facing cancer surgery, check with your doctor to discuss the use of MarginMarker breast tissue marking dyes, CorrectClips radiographic tags, and the SilversteinWrap, a post-surgery compression wrap.

You trust that your hospital and physician are taking every possible step to provide the highest quality of care with the most up-to-date methods.

What steps are being taken to guarantee quality care?

If you or a loved one is facing cancer surgery, what steps is your doctor taking to ensure that your treatment is accurate and free from error? Is your hospital using MarginMarker® and CorrectClips®?

At your next appointment, consider asking your surgeon the following questions:
  • How often do you take your surgical patient back to the OR for a second surgery to ensure that all the cancer is removed? How often for a third surgery?
  • Do you take an x-ray of the tissue that is removed during surgery to determine if all the cancer has been removed? If you need to remove additional tissue based on this x-ray, how do you determine precisely where to take it out?
  • Let’s discuss a possible situation where the pathology lab determines that there might be cancerous cells left in the body after surgery, and a second surgery is needed. In this case, what information do you use to ensure that tissue removed during the second surgery occurs in the correct location to remove all the cancerous cells?

To find a surgeon or pathologist in your area who uses MarginMarker or CorrectClips, please visit our Find a Physician page.

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