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Eliminate errors in margin interpretation

Embraced by cancer experts worldwide, Vector Surgical’s Tissue Orientation System, comprised of the MarginMarker™ sterile ink kit and CorrectClips™ radiographic clips, provides the most accurate and secure delineation of specimen margins in cancer surgery.

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Sterile ink kit for intraoperative tissue orientation

MarginMarker sterile inks provide secure and accurate designation of specimen margins for pathology analysis.

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Radiographic clips for orienting excised tissue

CorrectClips orient excised tissue on the intraoperative radiograph. The Clips are translucent on the image and attach securely to dense or fatty tissue.

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Fewer and more accurate reexcisions using MarginMarker

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Remaining Malignancy Removed by ReExcision


3X |

Nearly three times more likely to find residual disease

Physician Testimonials

Christina Dial, DO, FACOS

Breast Surgeon

“MarginMarker is the most accurate method I have found to mark specimens intra-operatively. It is the best way to ensure proper pathologic specimen readings and the MarginMarker paints are the best.”

Jessica Ryan, MD

Breast Surgeon

“I have used MarginMarker, CorrectClips, and SilversteinWrap consistently in my practice, with great results. Our pathologists unanimously approve and recognize the precision of MarginMarker. Our radiologist appreciates the improved accuracy & communication with our surgeons when reviewing a specimen radiograph with the clips. I believe compression with the wrap leads to less seroma formation and improved patient comfort.”

Vernon Sondak, MD

Chair, Dept. of Cutaneous Oncology

“We have been working with Vector Surgical to evaluate MarginMarker kits in melanoma patients undergoing sentinel lymph node biopsy, in hopes we can extend this technology to this important group of patients.”


Post-surgical compression wrap

The SilversteinWrap is a unique bias compression dressing that can contribute to better outcomes in breast surgery.

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