Breast Cancer

Improve outcomes in breast cancer surgery,
including oncoplastic breast conservation

The Global Leader for Tissue Orientation

Vector Surgical’s Tissue Orientation System, along with the SilversteinWrap™, support successful surgical outcomes from the OR through recovery.

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The Problem

Customary methods used to orient tissue margins cause error. Medical research shows discordance rates of 31% to 52% in the identification of specimen margins between surgery, pathology and radiology and reach 78% when the specimen is less than 20cm3. Re-excision rates exceed 20% in breast surgery. Common events following breast surgery include hematomas, ecchymosis and seromas. These outcomes can delay healing and adjuvant therapy.

The Solution

Vector Surgical’s Tissue Orientation System, comprised of MarginMarker™ sterile ink kit and CorrectClips™ radiographic markers, provides secure and accurate designation of specimen margins, including cavity shaves. Use of the System contributes to:

  • Fewer unnecessary re-excisions
  • More accurate re-excisions
  • Lower cancer recurrence
  • Improved cosmesis

SilversteinWrap, the post-surgical, post-biopsy bias compression wrap, contributes to:

  • Fewer hematomas and less ecchymosis
  • Fewer seromas
  • Fewer delays of adjuvant therapy

“I have used MarginMarker, CorrectClips, and SilversteinWrap consistently in my practice, with great results.
Our pathologists unanimously approve and recognize
the precision of MarginMarker. Our radiologist appreciates the improved accuracy & communication with our surgeons when reviewing a specimen radiograph with the clips.
I believe compression with the wrap leads to less seroma
formation and improved patient comfort.”

Jessica Ryan, MD, FACS – Breast Surgeon

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