Cutaneous Cancer

Accurately identifying margin status is an
important predictor of prognostic factors in
cutaneous cancer treatment

The Problem

Margin status is a critical factor in the diagnosis, classification, and staging of tumors in cutaneous cancer, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Customary methods used to identify specimen margins are inconsistent and cause error. Research has reported that for specimens <20 cm3 the discordance rate between the specimen margins identified by the surgeon and those identified by the pathologist was as high as 78%.

The Solution

MarginMarker is a sterile ink kit the surgeon uses in the OR. Inks are applied to tissue immediately after excision to clearly and completely define each margin plane. Using MarginMarker helps to ensure that tissue margins are interpreted consistently from surgical excision to pathology analysis. 

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Watch Dr. Testori Orient Three Skin Lesions Using MarginMarker for More Accurate and Complete Margin Analysis

“This is a simple and fast but very useful device in the daily practice of a skin cancer specialist like myself. It is very frequent to ask a pathologist to perform intraoperative frozen sectioning histology to define the margins and the incredible feedback coming from them in terms of precision and definition of the tissue staining is exactly what a surgeon requires from this procedure. Colors stay clean, do not mix with each other on the border of each and do not vanish during the slide preparation.”

Dr. Alessandro Testori – Surgeon Specialist in General Surgery

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