Pancreatic Cancer

Accurately identify margin status for critical
diagnosis, classification, and staging of
pancreatic tumors

Clinical Evidence

“The surgeon should ink this margin in collaboration with the pathologist because specimen orientation may be difficult later as a result of the complex anatomy of this region of the body.”

The Problem

Methods of identifying the margins of excised tissue are ambiguous and unstandardized. Pancreaticoduodenectomy specimens are complex. Their proper orientation, dissection, and sampling are crucial for the accurate diagnosis, classification, and staging of tumors and identification of pseudotumors that are removed with this operation. Margin status is essential when determining adjuvant chemoradiotherapy. Surgical pathologists are presented with a challenge because of the relative rarity combined with the anatomic complexity of these specimens.

The Solution

MarginMarker™ is a sterile ink kit the surgeon uses in the OR. Inks are applied to tissue immediately after excision to clearly and completely define each margin plane. Using MarginMarker helps to ensure that tissue margins are interpreted consistently from surgical excision to pathology analysis.

“MarginMarker is the most accurate method I have found to mark specimens intra-operatively... MarginMarker improves the accuracy of specimen orientation and thereby results in more uniform pathological classification of pancreatic tumours.”

C.H.J. van Eijck MD, PhD – HPB Surgeon

“MarginMarker is very important for my clinical practice in pancreatic surgery.”

Roberto Coppola, MD – Pancreatic Surgeon

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