Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Achieving local control of soft tissue sarcoma
is a primary goal of surgical treatment

The Problem

Margin status is a critical factor in the diagnosis, classification, and staging of tumors in soft tissue sarcoma. The risk of local recurrence following soft tissue sarcoma resection is predicted by the surgical margin. Margin status is essential when determining adjuvant radiation therapy. 

The Solution

MarginMarker is a sterile ink kit the surgeon uses in the OR. Inks are applied to tissue immediately after excision to clearly and completely define each margin plane. Using MarginMarker helps to ensure that tissue margins are interpreted consistently from surgical excision to pathology analysis. 

“Great product, very useful in soft tissue sarcoma.”

Nicholas Webber, MD – Orthopedic Oncologist

"The specimen should be received fresh, with the orientation indicated by the surgeon."

Surgical Margins and Handling of Soft-Tissue Sarcoma in Extremities: A Clinical Practice Guideline

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