About Vector Surgical

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Vector Surgical is the global leader in tissue orientation markers that provide accurate designation of excised margins.

Vector Surgical develops innovative devices that promote the accuracy and speed of medical procedures, thereby improving clinical outcomes and reducing costs.

The Global Leader in Tissue Orientation Devices

Vector Surgical is the global leader in tissue orientation devices that provide the most accurate designation of excised tissue margins in cancer surgery. Our devices integrate the needs of surgeons, pathologists and radiologists, providing tools that enable the highest level of care for their cancer patients.

Vector Surgical Foundation

The Vector Surgical Foundation provides grant funding for academic medical research, physician education and patient education. Examples of grants include:

  • Academic Research

    The Vector Surgical Foundation recently funded research in pancreatic cancer surgery, supporting collaborations among pancreatic surgeons in Europe and the United States. The Vector Surgical Foundation also supports ongoing projects in melanoma research.

  • Medical Education for Physicians

    The Vector Surgical Foundation recently funded the development of video-based medical education on advanced techniques in breast cancer surgery.

  • Patient Education

    The Vector Surgical Foundation customarily funds ongoing projects in patient education, focused primarily on topics in cancer surgery.

Corporate Citizenship

Vector Surgical is committed to the highest standards of ethics and corporate citizenship. Vector Surgical is a member of AdvaMed, the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA), and the Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council (HMMC).

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