Radiographic markers for intraoperative orientation of excised tissue.

The Global Leader for Tissue Orientation

CorrectClips orient excised tissue on the intraoperative radiograph. The Radiographic Markers are translucent on the image and attach securely to dense or fatty tissue. They allow an unobstructed view and are compatible with compression. Intraoperative specimen radiographs are recommended by the American Society of Breast Surgeons Consensus.

CorrectClips are one element of the Vector Surgical Tissue Orientation System, together with MarginMarker™ sterile inks for pathology analysis. The System provides a secure, complete, and accurate designation of tissue specimen margins.

CorrectClips In Use

“These Clips have helped immensely with alleviating any confusion on margins between myself and our pathologists. Much more accurate than our old system of placing several sutures around the specimen. Good product.”

Jeffre Helmink, MD, FACS – General Surgeon


CorrectClips radiographic markers:

  • Allow a complete view of tissue so that lesions are quickly located. The Clips are translucent on the image; only the letters indicating orientation show brightly.
  • Grip dense and fatty tissue securely and are compatible with compression
  • Maintain orientation of the specimen over the recommended two orthogonal views
  • Are easily removed and minimally damaging to the tissue

Clinical Outcomes

Use of CorrectClips contributes to:

  • Fewer unnecessary re-excisions
  • More accurate re-excisions
  • Lower cancer recurrence
  • Improved cosmesis
  • More efficient communication between the surgeon and radiologist
  • Less time lost to re-imaging due to obstructed view and ambiguous orientation


Cancer surgeries where intraoperative orientation of the specimen is important.

CorrectClips Radiographic Markers

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