Surgeons prevent error by using MarginMarker sterile ink kit for intraoperative tissue orientation.

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In cancer surgery, the single most important predictor of local recurrence is the tissue margins. MarginMarker sterile inks provide secure and accurate designation of specimen margins. Pathology receives tissue clearly marked with a standard color scheme to completely define each of the six margin planes. Irregularities or fissures on the surface are clearly identified. MarginMarker is one element of the Vector Surgical Tissue Orientation System; the second component is CorrectClips™ radiographic markers for intraoperative analysis. The System provides a secure, complete and accurate designation of tissue specimen margins.

MarginMarker Tissue Ink in Use

Surgeon Demonstration using MarginMarker Sterile Ink

“MarginMarker has allowed me to submit a breast specimen with accurate margins to the pathologist. I evaluate intraoperatively and have decreased my re-excision rate.”

Regina Hampton, MD, FACS – Breast Surgeon


MarginMarker sterile inks:

  • Securely adhere to tissue, allowing precise and quick application in the OR
  • Tissue inks feature colors that are bright and easily recognized on pathology slides
  • Adhere throughout specimen processing, including after suspension in formalin
  • Support cytogenetic analysis or microbiology testing due to sterility
  • Minimize the risk of cross-contamination with multiple specimens
  • Facilitate more efficient communication between the surgeon and pathologist

Clinical Outcomes

Use of MarginMarker contributes to:

  • Fewer unnecessary re-excisions
  • More accurate re-excisions
  • Lower cancer recurrence
  • Improved cosmesis


MarginMarker tissue ink is indicated for use in cancer surgeries where the designation of tissue margins is important:

  • General, Oncological, and Oncoplastic Surgeons: breast, pancreas, colon, liver, lip, anus, ovary, uterus, labia and soft tissue sarcoma
  • Plastic, Head and Neck and Dermatological Surgeons: basal skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma

MarginMarker Sterile Ink Kit

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