Validated with 25+ years of clinical use, the SilversteinWrap can improve outcomes in breast surgery.

SilversteinWrap for Compression

The SilversteinWrap is a post-surgical, post-biopsy bias compression breast wrap used for breast cancer patients.  Common events following breast surgery include hematomas, ecchymosis, and seromas. These outcomes can delay healing and adjuvant therapy.

Cost savings are substantial due to the reduction in complications and can include fewer hospital days, fewer post-surgical visits, and fewer infections.

SilversteinWrap in Use

“I believe compression with the SilversteinWrap leads to less seroma formation and improved patient comfort.”

Jessica Ryan, MD, FACS – Breast Surgeon



  • Over six times larger than conventional bias wraps, measuring 8 inches wide by 8 yards long 
  • Multidirectional compression, conforming to body shape 
  • Adhesion to skin not required 
  • Edges stay flat, increasing patient comfort 
  • Made of breathable 100% cotton 
  • Latex-free; sterile 

Clinical Outcomes

The SilversteinWrap contributes to:

  • Fewer hematomas and less ecchymosis
  • Fewer seromas
  • Fewer delays of adjuvant therapy
  • Earlier drain removal
  • Less risk of infection from repeated aspirations
  • Less pain
  • Greater patient satisfaction


Applications include minimally-invasive and vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, breast lumpectomy, mastectomy, oncoplastic breast excision, and reduction mammoplasty cases.


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