User Testimonials

Leading physicians are eliminating error and improving patient outcomes by using Vector Surgical’s Tissue Orientation System and SilversteinWrap™ in their cancer practices.

Christina Dial, DO, FACOS

Breast Surgeon

“MarginMarker is the most accurate method I have found to mark specimens intra-operatively. It is the best way to ensure proper pathologic specimen readings and the MarginMarker paints are the best.”

M. Margaret Hadcock, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon

“I believe the use of MarginMarker prevents margin ‘mistakes,’ and that the initial surgery achieves clear margins and a better cosmetic outcome as a result.”

Vernon Sondak, MD

Chair, Dept. of Cutaneous Oncology

“We have been working with Vector Surgical to evaluate MarginMarker kits in melanoma patients undergoing sentinel lymph node biopsy, in hopes we can extend this technology to this important group of patients.”

Craig Brackett, III, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon

“Specimen orientation is critical for decreasing local recurrence rates, amount of re-excision, and improving APBI or IORT results.”

Syed Mohsin, MD

Head of Breast Pathology

“We have been using the kit for over two years. Our surgeons love it. It is easy to use and the ink sticks better to the tissue than other brands. We feel confident that this method provides more accurate margin orientation than by sutures alone.”

Susan Beck, DO, FACOS

Director of Katzmann Breast Center

“MarginMarker allows more precise margin clearance of tumor and thus assists in breast preservation and cosmesis.”

Mari Nakashizuka, MD, FACS

Asst. Prof. Dept. of Surgery

“MarginMarker improves the accuracy of specimen orientation. As the surgeon, I know the original shape and orientation of the specimen. Previously, I used sutures for orientation and after processing in pathology, the specimen shape was often changed, and it was difficult for me to figure out where I needed to excise more tissue, when necessary, for wider margin. Using MarginMarker, I am confident on the precise location requiring re-excision.”

Regina Hampton, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon

“MarginMarker has allowed me to submit a breast specimen with accurate margins to the pathologist. I evaluate intraoperatively and have decreased my re-excision rate.”

Roberto Coppola, MD

Pancreatic Surgeon

“MarginMarker is very important for my clinical practice in pancreatic surgery.”

Claude Abouchedid, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon

“These devices allow for lesser returns to the operating room and/or less tissue resected in case of margin involvement.”

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