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Claude Abouchedid, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon

“These devices allow for lesser returns to the operating room and/or less tissue resected in case of margin involvement.”

Angel Arnaout, MD, FRCSC

Breast Surgeon

“These days with the use of Oncoplastic breast surgical techniques my pathologist is often receiving large and “weird” shaped specimens for analysis. The traditional use of suture to mark the margins is inadequate. Painting each margin the way I see it, as per the original orientation in the patient, is preferred by both myself and the pathologist!”

Daniel F. Barnas, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon

“Excellent product. It is easy to use and gives me confidence that my margins are accurate.”

Susan Beck, DO, FACOS

Director of Katzmann Breast Center

“MarginMarker allows more precise margin clearance of tumor and thus assists in breast preservation and cosmesis.”

Craig Brackett, III, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon

“Specimen orientation is critical for decreasing local recurrence rates, amount of re-excision, and improving APBI or IORT results.”

David Carlson, MD

General Surgeon

“I have used it hundreds of times. The pathologist likes the fact that the margins can be precisely marked by the surgeon.”

Annesley Copeland, MD

General Surgeon

“The MarginMarker has radically improved my confidence particularly in re-excision cases. Nobody knows better than the surgeon at the moment she/he performs the excisions, what the true orientation is.”

Roberto Coppola, MD

Pancreatic Surgeon

“MarginMarker is very important for my clinical practice in pancreatic surgery.”

Christina Dial, DO, FACOS

Breast Surgeon

“MarginMarker is the most accurate method I have found to mark specimens intra-operatively. It is the best way to ensure proper pathologic specimen readings and the MarginMarker paints are the best.”

L. Francisco Espaillat, MD, FACS

Breast Surgeon

“The use of these devices has significantly decreased my re-excision rate. Our pathologists love it! It is the most accurate and precise method of margin evaluation.”

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