Vividex Tissue Marking Medium provides superior
adherence, durability and color identification for
accurate specimen marking.

Vividex Tissue Marking Suite

The Vividex Tissue Marking Suite includes Vividex Tissue Marking Medium, the Vividex Kiosk, Vividex Large Applicators and Vividex Mordant.


Vividex Tissue Marking Medium includes seven colors that:

  • Adhere to specimen consistently throughout processing, staining, decalcification, frozen section and immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Are easily differentiated by hue both microscopically and grossly
  • Dry within 15 seconds after Vividex Mordant is applied
  • Do not migrate on specimen nor penetrate specimen interior; and Do not leach when submerged in formalin

Color Differentiation

Unlike standard pathology inks, the seven colors of Vividex Tissue Marking Medium are easily differentiated, particularly yellow-orange-red (below) and blue-violet-red (below). All colors of Vividex Tissue Marking Medium are durable throughout processing.

Adherence Across Tissue Types
Vividex Tissue Marking Medium adheres to bone, fat, muscle and serosa. Left to right: yellow on bone; orange on muscle; red on fat; blue on muscle; violet on thyroid.

Vividex Tissue Marking Medium

All colors of Vividex Tissue Marking Medium adhere throughout processing when applied to many different tissue types.

Red on bone (left); green on muscle with frozen section (right).


Adherence in Formalin

Vividex Tissue Marking Medium adheres to tissue when submerged in formalin. Shown above: Vividex Tissue Marking Medium produces no leaching (top row); standard pathology inks show extensive leaching (second row). Leaching in formalin risks cross-contamination of color onto tissue and interference with laboratory equipment. All specimens in photo are shown 24 hours after submersion in formalin.

Vividex in Use

Vividex Tissue Marking Medium

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