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Vector Surgical tissue orientation devices meet the needs of surgeons, pathologists, and radiologists, enabling the highest level of care for their cancer patients.
Research shows that MarginMarker™ results in fewer and more accurate re-excisions and, that when re-excision is performed in a case where MarginMarker was used, there is nearly a three times greater likelihood that cancer will be present in the re-excision specimen.

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Cost Savings Attributable to MarginMarker

Researchers using MarginMarker in breast-conserving surgery concluded that “surgeon performed intraoperative specimen inking is not only a more accurate method for specimen orientation, but it is also cost-effective.”

Greater Efficiency & Lower Risk of Medical Errors

In cancer surgery, the most important predictor of local recurrence is the tissue margins; however, customary methods of defining tissue margins cause error. Research shows disagreement of margin identification between surgery, pathology and radiology in 31% to 52% of breast surgery cases. This puts the hospital and the physicians at risk. Breast cancer care is a frequent target for malpractice litigation in the U.S, and it is the most costly. Patients who suffer a medical error related to their breast cancer care, and for whom cancer metastasizes, are among the most likely to pursue litigation; MarginMarker and CorrectClips™ can reduce a source of potentially litigious medical errors.

Ambiguous medical information costs time and energy. Images taken intraoperatively that leave doubt regarding the location of a lesion or microcalcifications can cause delays during the surgical case. Questions in the pathology lab regarding the surgeon’s intent in labeling specimen margins, or discordance between the surgeon and pathologist regarding the necessity of re-excision, can create frustration and inefficiency. Seromas, ecchymosis, and hematomas following breast surgery can delay adjuvant therapy.

Faster surgery means more dollars for your hospital. Changes in procedure that make an operation more efficient give the hospital an economic advantage. In addition, a review of health care costs in the Harvard Business Review reported that “eliminating unnecessary administrative and clinical processes represents one of the biggest opportunities for lowering costs”. Inking the specimen using MarginMarker sterile inks is accomplished quickly, often in three minutes or less. Applying CorrectClips is faster than applying metal tags, which may cause additional delay by detaching from the specimen or occluding important areas on the image. SilversteinWrap prevents post-surgical complications that can delay further treatment.

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