Medical Research

Clinical and Economic Research Shows Improved Outcomes Using Vector Surgical Devices

Evidence: MarginMarker allows “surgeons to better target the area of potential residual disease…”

Medical research shows a compelling need for more accurate specimen orientation and demonstrate the improved outcomes and cost effectiveness from using MarginMarker.

Evidence: Inaccurate Margin Identification Using Suture

Molina et al. reported a 31% overall disagreement rate between surgeons and pathologists when orienting excised tissue using suture.1 Altman et al. summarized this, stating “If a pathologist found a positive margin, there was nearly a one in three chance that a surgeon would re-excise the wrong margin.”2 Arnaout et al. replicated the finding, reporting a 42% overall discordance

Evidence: Fewer, More Accurate Re-excisions Using MarginMarker

Altman et al. recently reported a significantly higher incidence of residual cancer in re-excision specimens oriented using MarginMarker compared to suture. The authors concluded that MarginMarker inks “provide a more accurate 3-dimensional location of the true positive margin.”xxx

Evidence: MarginMarker is Cost-Effective

Researchers using MarginMarker concluded that “surgeon performed intraoperative specimen inking is not only a more accurate method for specimen orientation, but it is also cost-effective.”xxx

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