For the Pathologist

Pathologists lead the standardization of specimen marking to ensure the highest quality of tissue analysis for all cancer patients. A recent CAP survey on breast specimen margins stated that 29% of pathologists report that their surgeons apply ink to orient the specimen intraoperatively. MarginMarker™ sterile inks reduce error and ambiguity, leaving the pathology lab to receive specimens with margins accurately and uniformly marked.

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Improved Outcomes

Use of MarginMarker contributes to:

  • Fewer unnecessary re-excisions
  • More accurate re-excisions
  • Lower cancer recurrence
  • Improved cosmesis

Device Performance


  • Adhere to tissue with minimal running or dripping, providing a more complete designation of tissue margins
  • Maintain integrity throughout specimen processing; ink colors show brightly on slides
  • Minimize risk of cross-contamination among different specimens
  • Facilitate more efficient communication between the surgeon and pathologist

MarginMarker Inks Denote Specimen Margins

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