For the Radiologist

Surgeons apply CorrectClips™ for radiographic identification of the margins. Radiologists can quickly and efficiently evaluate the intraoperative image, confirming that adequate specimen margins of healthy tissue are present in the specimen x-ray.

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Improved Outcomes

Use of CorrectClips contributes to:

  • Secure and accurate designation of specimen margins in specimen x-rays for more precise re-excisions
  • Potentially lower cancer recurrence
  • Fewer unnecessary re-excisions

Device Performance


  • Allow a complete view of tissue so that lesions are quickly located. The Clips are translucent on the image; only the letters indicating orientation show brightly.
  • Grip dense and fatty tissue securely and are compatible with compression
  • Maintain orientation of the specimen over the recommended two orthogonal views
  • Facilitate more efficient communication between the surgeon and radiologist in specimen x-ray
  • Result in less time lost to re-imaging due to obstructed view and ambiguous orientation
  • Are easily removed and minimally damaging to the tissue

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CorrectClips Radiographic Markers

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