For the Physical Therapist

The SilversteinWrap™ has been used post-operatively for 25+ years and may contribute to improved therapy outcomes.

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Improved Outcomes

Use of SilversteinWrap contributes to:

  • Fewer hematomas and less ecchymosis
  • Fewer seromas
  • Fewer delays of adjuvant therapy
  • Earlier drain removal
  • Less risk of infection from
    repeated aspirations
  • Less pain
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Treatment of lymphedema

Device Performance

Unlike traditional compression bandages, the SilversteinWrap is more effective:

  • Over six times larger, measuring 8 inches by
    8 yards long, but can be cut to fit the patient
  • Multidirectional compression, conforming
    to body shape
  • Adhesion to skin not required
  • Edges stay flat, increasing patient comfort
  • Made of breathable 100% cotton
  • Latex-free; sterile
  • May be used in the interim before a patient
    is fit for a long term compression garment
  • Effective compression for subacute and
    chronic seromas

SilversteinWrap in Use

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