“MarginMarker is the most accurate method I have found to mark specimens intra-operatively. It is the best way to ensure proper pathologic specimen readings and the MarginMarker paints are the best.”

Christina Dial, DO, FACOS
Breast Surgeon
Breast Care Clinic of Jackson
Flowood, Mississippi USA

“Specimen orientation is critical for decreasing local recurrence rates, amount of re-excision, and improving APBI or IORT results.”

Craig Brackett, III, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon
Georgetown Memorial Hospital
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina USA

“We have been using the kit for over two years. Our surgeons love it. It is easy to use and the ink sticks better to the tissue than other brands. We feel confident that this method provides more accurate margin orientation than by sutures alone.”

Syed Mohsin, MD
Head of Breast Pathology
Med. Dir. of Breast Health Institute
Ohio Health | Columbus, Ohio USA

“MarginMarker allows more precise margin clearance of tumor and thus assists in breast preservation and cosmesis.”

Susan Beck, DO, FACOS
Director of Katzmann Breast Center
Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines
Clive, Iowa USA

“MarginMarker improves the accuracy of specimen orientation. As the surgeon, I know the original shape and orientation of the specimen. Previously, I used sutures for orientation and after processing in pathology, the specimen shape was often changed, and it was difficult for me to figure out where I needed to excise more tissue, when necessary, for wider margin. Using MarginMarker, I am confident on the precise location requiring re-excision.”

Mari Nakashizuka, MD, FACS
Asst. Prof. Dept. of Surgery
University of Hawaii
John A. Burns School of Medicine
Honolulu, Hawaii USA

“MarginMarker has allowed me to submit a breast specimen with accurate margins to the pathologist. I evaluate intraoperatively and have decreased my re-excision rate.”

Regina Hampton, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon
Doctor’s Community Hospital
Lanham, Maryland USA

“I believe the use of MarginMarker prevents margin ‘mistakes,’ and that the initial surgery achieves clear margins and a better cosmetic outcome as a result.”

M. Margaret Hadcock, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon
Fresno Surgical Hospital & St. Agnes Hospital
Fresno, California USA

“MarginMarker is very important for my clinical practice in pancreatic surgery.”

Roberto Coppola, MD
Pancreatic Surgeon
Prof. & Dir. of General Surgery
Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Rome, Italy

“We have been working with Vector Surgical to evaluate MarginMarker kits in melanoma patients undergoing sentinel lymph node biopsy, in hopes we can extend this technology to this important group of patients.”

Vernon Sondak, MD
Chair, Dept. of Cutaneous Oncology
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center &
Research Institute
Tampa, Florida USA

“These devices allow for lesser returns to the operating room and/or less tissue resected in case of margin involvement.”

Claude Abouchedid, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon
Robert Wood Johnson University Hosp.
Hamilton, New Jersey USA

“Orientation of breast specimens is no more a guessing game with CorrectClips. They are seen in accompanying radiology films. They are easy to remove after applying ink to the specimens.”

Hi Hong, MD
Department of Pathology
Riverview Hospital
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin USA

“This system takes the guesswork out of margin assessment.”

Michael Stumpf, DO
General/Breast Surgeon
North Valley Surgical Associates
Phoenix, Arizona USA

“Accurate marking of the margins is key in assuring a good outcome of breast surgery.”

Carol Slomski, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon
West Penn Allegheny Health System
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

“Correct orientation of the biopsy is critical to evaluation of margins and clearance of cancer.”

Danny Robinette, MD
Surgery Center of Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Alaska USA

“I have used it hundreds of times. The pathologist likes the fact that the margins can be precisely marked by the surgeon.”

David Carlson, MD
General Surgeon
Deaconess Hospital
Evansville, Indiana USA

“Excellent product. It is easy to use and gives me confidence that my margins are accurate.”

Daniel F. Barnas, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon
Borgess Medical Center
Kalamazoo, Michigan USA

“Not only is it extremely easy to use, my pathologists love the accuracy of the margins marked.  I find that any area that does need re-excision is very accurate.”

Brian Weinstein, MD, FACS
Westside Regional Medical Center
Plantation, Florida USA

“We used the system and it worked very nicely. We had an issue with a margin on the first case and the system worked as advertised regarding positive and negative margin. We plan to order this for all lumpectomies”

Michael D. Sarap, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon
Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center
Cambridge, Ohio 43725

“My patient’s bleeding would not stop after an office core biopsy. Thanks to the SilversteinWrap, we were able to prevent a significant complication for the patient.”

James Koness, MD
Roger Williams Medical Center
Providence, Rhode Island 02908

“MarginMarker is the most accurate method I have found to mark specimens intraoperatively. Previously, I used long and short sutures for orientation and location of resection margins after pancreatoduodenectomy. After processing in pathology, the specimen shape was often changed, and it was difficult for me to discuss with the pathologist where he needed to excise more tissue microscopy for optimal pathological staging. Using MarginMarker, I am confident on the precise location requiring re-excision. MarginMarker improves the accuracy of specimen orientation and thereby uniform pathological classification of pancreatic tumours.”

C.H.J. van Eijck, MD, PhD
HPB Surgeon
Erasmus Medical Center
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“Using Vector Surgical’s MarginMarker, CorrectClips, and SilversteinWrap allows me to achieve better outcomes and quality of care for my breast cancer patients.”

Chris Menendez, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon
Willow Creek Women’s Hospital and Northwest Arkansas Breast Care Specialist
Johnson, Arkansas USA