The Standard of Care for Hospitals

The Standard of Care for Hospitals2019-05-31T20:55:02-05:00

MarginMarker tissue marking dyes can help provide secure and accurate designation of tissue margins.

Precise definition of tissue margins is the standard of care.

Although critically important for cancer patients, specimen orientation is often the weak link in the chain of events from surgical excision to pathology report. When used together, MarginMarker™ sterile ink kit and CorrectClips™ radiographic markers provide the most secure and accurate designation of tissue margins.

Medical Outcomes

Vector Surgical’s Tissue Orientation System potentially contributes toward the following medical outcomes:

  • More accurate re-excisions
  • Reduced number of unnecessary re-excisions
  • Lower cancer recurrence

Additional Benefits

In addition to the clinical outcomes, hospitals benefit from use of MarginMarker and CorrectClips in the following ways:

  • Minimized risk of litigation due to medical errors in specimen handling during cancer surgery
  • Compliance with CAP Accreditation Program’s Anatomic Pathology Checklist (July, 2011) (ANP.22998)
  • Increased OR safety
  • Greater OR efficiency

Hospital Success Stories

MarginMarker Beneficial in Treatment of Breast Cancers at Mercy Medical Center’s Katzmann Breast Center
July 22, 2011

(Des Moines, Iowa) – The idea is simple; the benefits immense. Dr. Susan Beck, breast surgeon, and the surgeons at Mercy’s Katzmann Breast Center, have been using a procedure called MarginMarker to better prepare tissue samples for analysis in the pathology lab.

Advanced Margin Analysis and Gene Expression Profile Testing Provide Benefits to Breast Cancer Surgery Patients at St. Luke’s Hospital
October 14, 2010

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) – St. Luke’s Hospital is one of 10 hospitals in Pennsylvania and was one of the first in the state to use MarginMarker to color-code cancerous breast tissue immediately after surgical removal to see whether the entire cancer was removed during the procedure.

Hamilton Medical Center Targets Improved Breast Cancer Outcomes
October 10, 2010

(Dalton, Georgia) – Breast cancer patients undergoing surgery at Hamilton Medical Center now have increased chances of better outcomes, thanks to the hospital’s leadership in adopting a new device that allows greater accuracy in the process of removing cancer.

New Technology Lowering Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
November 10, 2010

(Flint, Michigan) – A Genesee County breast surgeon has adopted a new device that decreases the chance her patients will get breast cancer again… Dr. Linsey Gold is one of the first surgeons to use MarginMarker in Genesee County.

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